So the story of this blog is a long and complicated one. I originally started this blog in 2011. I updated it consistently for well over a year. Long story short, I lost all of the content originally on my blog (I learned my lesson). I was also in law school at this time and trying to re-build the blog wasn’t necessarily my priority. I have now decided to re-launch with an entirely new flavor.

I recently graduated from law school and have been quickly thrown into the real world. The real world comes with finding a job, paying rent, paying bills, and paying off the massive amount of student loan debt I managed to accumulate. All of the items on my “big girl” list have one thing in common, they require actually having money… and a lot of it. This experience has inspired me to re-launch this blog and to discuss how I am trying to make my life work, but on a budget.

I plan to use this as a platform to talk about how I am stretching every dollar I get. I hope to post everything from recipes, gift ideas, coupons, crafts, tips on dealing with student loans, great deals on items I think you will love, ideas on how to save, meal plans, sweepstakes, freebies, traveling on the cheap, how to live a healthy life, and more. This is going to have a lot of articles about a lot of random things, but the common theme is that I hope this will help you save money and help you lead a better life.